Magnificent Arch Shutters in Bristol

Once in a while, we come across a shutter project that really stands out from the conventional and this is a great case in point.

This stunning building has a former industrial pedigree and has now been imaginatively converted into a series of apartments  situated on the waterfront in Bristol, in a burgeoning area of development.

The defining exterior characteristic of the building are the magnificent arched window openings, which are perfect for the installation of shutters. From within, they deliver amazing style,  fantastic privacy and great light control… perfect for modern living!

Working in consultation with the client, we specified shutters  in our largest slat width of 114 mm. They are painted in a bright white finish and show clearly how shutters can be used to overcome all kinds of technical challenges.

The ‘sunburst’ arch  echoes the design of the window whilst the larger window has been carefully thought out   to function very well and look great too. The challenging installation is conducted by our  installer Jon , to his usual exceptional standard …assisted by me of course.



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