Bathroom Shutters Inspiration: Everything You Need To Know

The bathroom is so often the haven for tranquillity and the good news is that our bathroom shutters not only look super stylish but privacy and filtered light is so easily achieved just by the angling of slats.

Frosted privacy glass can be a thing of the past with practical and functional shutters in place. 

Guaranteed for three years, our hardwood plantation shutters are generally fine to use in most bathrooms, but in cases of excessive moisture or condensation, we specify our high quality waterproof option. 

Either way we’ll ensure you have one of the trendiest bathrooms in town.

Hardwood Bathroom Plantation Shutters
Solid Panel Plantation Shutters Bathroom
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Hardwood Full Height Bathroom Plantation Shutters
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Types of plantation shutters we fit

Frequently asked questions about Bathroom Shutters

Absolutely. Our hardwood plantation shutters are fine for most bathrooms. However, we have a high-quality waterproof option in cases of excessive moisture or condensation.

No, actually, quite the opposite. One of the many benefits of having plantation shutters is the ability to clean them easily. With a simple tit of the slats, you can get in between the shutters dusting them or wiping them clean with a microfibre clothe.

Shutters look amazing in bathrooms. You can see that for yourselves in all of the beautiful bathroom projects we have completed. Gone are the days of privacy glass in the bathroom. Shutters solve that problem 

Hardwood shutters are beautiful in bathrooms. Only in wet rooms or bathrooms that have an issue with dampness would be opt for a different type of material.

The best type of shutter for a bath really does depend on your preference and the interior decor you have in your bathroom. We will always tailor a solution to your requirements and bathroom decor.

Hardwood Bathroom Plantation Shutters