Wooden Plantation Shutters Install – The Clifton Observatory In Bristol

One of the most amazing projects we have worked on is installing wooden plantation shutters in the Clifton Observatory in Bristol.

We are proud to have worked on some amazing buildings in Bristol and none more so than the Clifton Observatory.

Dating back to 1766, the Clifton Observatory began as a windmill for corn and later converted to grinding snuff (tobacco), becoming known as ‘The Snuff Mill’. By the 18th Century, snuff had become popular amongst the elite of Bristol. The demand was such that  Bristol needed its own mill to keep up.

By 1777, the mill had been derelict for 52 years following a fire. The fire started when the sails were left turning during high winds, causing the equipment to catch light.

In 1828, an artist based in Bristol named William West rented the old mill as his studio. West transformed the mill into the building that is recognised today by installing a large telescope into the tower and creating an observatory.

William West was a well-respected member of the Bristol School of Artists. In addition to his art, West also had a keen interest in optics and engineering.

Sold for only the third time in its history in 2015. The Observatory is designated by English Heritage as a grade 2 listed building.

It was a privilege to install hardwood plantation shutters and play a small part in keeping this wonderful building alive.

This ensures that for future generations and many years to come, this incredible building remains one of Bristol’s landmarks, sitting grandly overlooking the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the City of Bristol.

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For visitor information, please click on the link https://cliftonobservatory.com

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