Bespoke Window Shutters

A window can be made to any shape and bespoke window shutters can be successfully designed to complement with style and functionality in your home.

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Bespoke Window Shutters For Every Custom Shaped Window

We’ve done some real beauties of these over the years.

Masterpieces of design and execution that are made to fit and perfectly complement unusual shaped windows where nothing else can ever look as good or function as well.

We always look at the window shape as the starting point for shutter design and then consider; slat sizes, colours and panel configuration, always with a mind to allowing access to the windows for either opening or cleaning.

Arch windows, triangle windows and circular windows – in fact, if a window can be made, then a shutter can be designed to sit within it and create the crowning glory to the ro

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Porthole custom shaped plantation shutters
Customisation Options With Hardwood Shutters

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