Velux Window Shutters

Tilting and opening on a horizontal axis and with our unique system of installation. They add style and character to any loft conversion.

velux window shutters 01

A surprising style possibility for loft conversions

So often, the option for adding shutters to Velux windows is not one that’s even considered by people as a possibility – until we suggest it that is!

It’s actually a really great way to bring style to windows within loft conversions, that are otherwise dressed by boring blinds or even just left completely bare.

The system for installation is such that the shutter frame and panel(s) are fixed securely within the reveal of the glass, thereby allowing the window to be completely opened as normal without any hindrance or impediment.

Of course, this means that panels of shutters are very often on an horizontal axis and this is where our unique installation approach comes in to play, preventing them from simply swinging open and bashing you on the head.


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