How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Since we began working with hardwood plantation shutters back in 2004, we have seen a massive increase in their popularity.

Back then, they were viewed as a growing trend in the window dressings market.

Nowadays, they ARE THE TREND, representing all that is desirable in the home; functional, timeless, and cost-saving over many years to come.

As early pioneers, we employ our high standards and remain at the forefront of supplying and installing interior shutters throughout the West Country.

This article provides an overview of the factors that influence the cost of plantation shutters, offering a guide on what you can expect to pay and aid the decision-making process.

Plantation Shutters Outside

Market Overview

Whilst we have always maintained our policy of working exclusively with superior-quality real hardwood shutters, numerous companies today offer a sometimes bewildering array of shutter options with different materials at different price points.

These range from larger national companies to franchise operations, blind companies, through to the option for do-it-yourself (DIY) shutters.

showing window and shutter measurements for cost

Factors Influencing Cost

One of the critical selling points of shutters is the added value they bring to the home, so it’s important to understand the costs associated with them as window coverings.

For a guide price based on your window sizes, check out our shutter calculator


Shutter cost is largely determined by the material used to make them.

We provide a basic quote guide to the average cost of plantation shutters.

However, the best way is to get in touch to discuss specific requirements for your own home and get a more accurate estimate.

It’s important to remember that all shutters are custom-made for specific windows.

As a result, there are no ready-made solutions and, therefore, no really ‘inexpensive’ options.

The guide prices below are based on fitted prices, including VAT, and show representative figures you may expect to find.

Walnut Stained Georgian Shutters

PREMIUM High Quality Hardwood Shutters

Whilst hardwood shutters offer natural beauty, durability, and the ability to tackle any window regardless of shape or size, they are also deemed the most expensive.

From £395 – £550 per square metre depending on timber selection.

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Faux Wood Shutters

MID RANGE Vinyl shutters or faux wood shutters

PVC shutters are widely used for a waterproof option whilst Composite shutters are made from engineered wood with aluminium core. 

Much heavier than the quality wooden shutters we use and more limited with other design possibilities too.

cafe style MDF shutters Antigua

BUDGET MDF shutters

These are more budget-friendly but lack hardwood shutters’ high-quality finishes and design possibilities.

It’s one of the reasons we choose not to work with them.

Typically £250 – £325 per square metre

DIY Shutters


You may find a decent hardwood option here, but you are taking on the risk of designing and measuring yourself.

They are more affordable shutters than other options but do not include installation service or expert advice.

Reflect in the glow of a cheaper price for a short while before you realise that a quality product is nothing without great design and expert installation. 

Trust me, it’s not as simple as those websites will have you believe.

If you are going to attempt DIY shutters, we highly recommend finding a local carpenter on Checkatrade or the like to help you with the installation—at the very least!

Typically £200- £250 per square metre

Preparing Custom Hardwood Shutters

Bespoke Window Shutters being prepared by our shutter expert

Size and Customisation

The size of your window and level of customisation can significantly impact the shutter installation cost. 

Here are a few considerations:

Standard window sizes, large windows, or small windows are judged based on the number of windows and a simple square metre price.

More complex designs, such as Tier on tier Shutters, can incur additional costs.

Professional installation is key to achieving total success. This will add cost versus the DIY route.

Bespoke window shutters such as arch windows, triangle windows, or round windows carry a price supplement. 

Track shutters are another style of shutter (for extremely wide bi-folding doors) too.

Bay window shutters may require additional materials in the form of trims and timber battens, which will also have a bearing on the cost.

Need assistance measuring? Here is a guide on Measuring windows for Interior shutters

georgian window shutters project

Here I am standing outside a very exciting Georgian-style shutter project in Poundbury, Dorset.

Project Scale

When we consider shutter projects, we are open to discussing transparently any number of windows and shutter pricing accordingly.

There is a big difference when pricing a project of one or two windows as opposed to a whole house. 

There is always an ‘economy of scale.’

For a cost guide, we provide a shutter calculator to input your own approximate dimensions and get an idea for yourself what you may be looking at to give your home the shutter lift off.

Custom Bathroom Shutters In Exeter

Another custom shutter installation completed in Exeter. It is all in the details!

Design Details

Slats versus Solids

We aim to keep things really simple on this point.

Shutter styles are priced slightly differently.

Quality Plantation shutters are a popular choice and are generally considered those WITH SLATS. 

These give excellent light control.

Most clients opting for Plantation shutters prefer HIDDEN TILT RODS.

Engineered beautifully, they give a seamless joy in their movement, provide an uninterrupted viewpoint through the slats and present a clean and unfussy aesthetic.

They are also a doddle to dust!

SOLID PANEL SHUTTERS present a more ‘Period’ aesthetic but are generally about 10-15% dearer than Shutters with slats.

They significantly limit the amount of light when fully closed and represent ultimate energy efficiency.

Blue Bathroom Shutters

Your options are endless when it comes to shutters! You tell us which colour you would like and we can make it happen!


Most projects are accommodated by the huge range of colour or stain finish options that we bring as standard. 

There is no additional charge for these.

There will, however, be an additional charge for any CUSTOM COLOURS. 

These may include Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, or RAL colours. Typically, this may add 10% to the overall budget.

Full Height Hardwood Shutters

Benefits of Hardwood Shutters

Durability – Guaranteed for 5 years, hardwood shutters will not fade or discolour like soft furnishings. 

They won’t deteriorate in any way, and if they are looked after, they will be there for a lifetime!

Noise Reduction – It’s like having doors on your windows.

Close them down, cosy up and shut out the outside world. Revel in the sound of silence!

Energy Efficiency – They save money on heating bills and are proven to deliver at least 25% improvement on heat loss over curtains or blinds – thus proving return on investment on energy bills over a period of time and further justifying the extra cost.

Dust and Allergy Reduction – Hardwood shutters do not harbour harmful dust mites in the way that curtains, blinds, or carpets do.

Easy maintenance means that the occasional wipe down with a slightly dampened microfibre cloth is all that is needed to alleviate any symptoms.

Health Benefits – Health benefits are achieved by the subtle control of light whilst working from home at a computer screen, shielding the harshest rays of the sun.

Reflect light inwards for a bright and mood-enhancing feel to any room.

Eco-Friendliness – We only work with superior quality hardwood shutters certified from sustainable sources by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Aesthetic and Property Value – They add massive curb appeal to your home and give you joy every time you adjust the slats to control light and privacy.

They add value to a property in exactly the same way as granite worktops and hardwood flooring, making it more appealing to potential buyers should you decide to move on.

Still unsure of what type of shutters are best for your home? – This may help!

Window Shutters Insp 8

Kitchen shutters with Tilt rod visible in the centre of the shutters. Tilt rods, tend of the a thing of the past nowadays.


When browsing different window treatments on the market, you truly cannot beat quality wooden plantation shutters.

Interior window shutters offer an excellent return on investment, and we believe a quality product will last a long time in your home.

The initial costs are offset by the numerous benefits they bring for the long term.

Contact a team member today to organise a free in-home survey or learn more!

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