Bristol Shutters for ‘Grand Designs’

Every now and again we take on a shutter a project that presents us with a set of challenges that we’ve never encountered before, and this project in Bristol was no exception. There’s an interesting  background story to it too, as the house in question, was featured on ‘Grand Designs’

We were asked to provide shutters for the master bedroom, as our clients were looking for a greater degree of privacy as well as sound and light insulation.

Since the span is so big, we specified track shutters, as the only reliable way of supporting the huge hardwood panels. The slat size was in our largest 114m, using concealed push rods for a minimal effect. The colour, ‘Cloud White’ was used as a complement to the window frames and the limestone flooring.

The resulting installation carried out by both of our installers working together shows what is possible on the very largest of windows.

The house is now known as ‘The Sugar Cube’ House and you can view the episode by visiting ‘4OD’. Its definitely a good story.




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